Footballmaster improves Passing and First-Touch* in Football / Soccer faster than any other training device. Players master initiating and receiving up to 1000 quality passes in 30-minute drills. After only 2 hours of training, Football / Soccer players will master the important pass much better, guaranteed.

Almost 90% of all passes in Football / Soccer are made on the ground. That´s why passing is our main focus. Footballmaster provides fun competitions so Football / Soccer players can compete and measure their improvement. Footballmaster helps Football / Soccer players & coaches keep focus and build self- confidence. Footballmaster is highly recommended by many Football / Soccer coaches & players all over the world.

*First-Touch is the ability of a Football / Soccer player to put the ball in open space and get it out of his/her feet in order to deliver a crisp pass or take a clean shot. Without a good First-Touch, it is impossible to play at highly competitive levels. A good First-Touch allows the player to shield the ball, play the ball quickly & smoothly, beat players on the dribble, and score goals.

First-Touch is one of the most difficult skills to learn in Football / Soccer, and that is primarily what Footballmaster teaches, and eases, in an enjoyable way. One of the top Professional teams in the world, Barcelona, has exceptional First-Touch that enables them to keep possession for very long, as exhibited by Messi, Alves, and Iniesta.

Buy Footballmaster to Master First-Touch & Other Skills in Football / Soccer. Otherwise, Those who have Mastered First-Touch will Out-Play You and Beat You.
Footballmaster is invented in Norway, Europe, and has been awarded Patents in USA and Globally. The inventor of Footballmaster is Hans Børge P. Lien , former professional player with Odds Ballklubb, Norwegian Top Division Football / Soccer club founded in 1894, which has won the prestigious Norwegian Football Cup more than any other team in history.

Be a 100 % Footballer

  • Accuracy 100%
  • Precision 100%
  • Focus 100%
  • Quality 100%
  • Fun 100%